Plan like the boss YOU ARE.

Plan the winning moves your business needs in just 1-hour a week.

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Make It a Habit

Rain or shine, hell or high water, we're planning.

Stay Focused

We track your progress and cheer you on so that you're motivated to stay the course.

Take a Break

We'll take the lead, you just need to show up.

High-five 🙌

Your Past Self


When daily fire-fighting and squirrel chasing are in the past, you'll have more time to high-five yourself for how gloriously proactive and prepared you are. 

"We have to make lots of choices about where to put our time and energy.


Most of the time, we make choices to satisfy or meet the needs of others.


Action planning is making a choice for you."

Mary Meduna-Gross,

Blue Bamboo Leadership

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The impact of this has been immeasurable!  They are stuck with me for life now.

Greta Iannuccilli, Bringing Simplicity



 Britney Fank, Systems on Tap

Is this for me? 🤔

This IS for you if ...
  • You should up for other people more consistently then yourself

  • You want someone else to take the lead for a hot minute

  • You’ve tried DIY solo sessions but never showed up

  • Planning doesn’t exactly come “naturally” to you

This IS NOT for you is ...
  • When you make a date with yourself, you keep it

  • You love what you’re doing and don’t want to rock the boat

  • You have a routine process in place to plan your week

  • You are Master of Planning, a PIMP without the “i”

Slay the Chaos

During your ActionPlanner hour, we use our notes, task lists, calendars, and email box to ...

1 / Reflect

Check in on how the week went by getting real about what worked and didn’t work. Anything that’s still left to do gets pulled forward into the new week.

2 / Look Forward

Look ahead at the next two weeks to find tasks that need to be done. Meetings, deadlines, launches ... what's happening and what should be on our radar this week?

3 / Prioritize

Decide on what is most important this week and create a tangible strategy for getting it done. We know exactly what needs to get done and in what order.

We Can't Wait To Meet You


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