#6 Invest in Customer Success

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In this episode we talk about boosting customer success with Filip Sardi. He helps online entrepreneurs increase profit margins by getting to know their current customers better.

Filip is a self proclaimed nerd. He’s the power player you wish you had at your side to keep you focused and successful. Kind of like Penelope Garcia in Criminal Minds. That team is pretty good at catching serial killers without her but WITH HER?

What really struck me about this conversation? How incredibly grateful I am to live in the age of data. We have some serious power at our fingertips. While mapping out the customer journey is a lot like manifesting a dream, digging into your data tells you whether or not that dream has become a reality. Better yet, it allows you to course correct. We’re able to satisfy curiosity, ask better questions, and then take action.

Filip thinks we spend a lot of time finding new business but the most profitable lead is already your customer.

Grab your note-taking gear and listen up - Filip shows how to use our data to elevate our regular ‘ol customers to Ideal Client status.

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About Filip Sardi

Filip is a marketing nerd, originally from Croatia, founder of The Challenge Method company and creator of The FirstClass Success System and the Hidden Profits Accelerator. He started his first company in 2009, a boutique web design & local marketing agency serving big regional clients in Croatia. Eventually, He discovered the world of GLOBAL online marketing in 2014. And after millions of dollars in revenue for his clients (including 7 and 8-figure business owners), he discovered that his superpower is helping entrepreneurs know their numbers and use that knowledge to find the Hidden Profits in their business and create a Profit-Based Customer Success Journey.


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