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In this episode we talk with Cheryl Lynn Mobley of reCalibrate LLC about how leadership has a cascading effect on your team and your customers. Your attitude is contagious! Cheryl asks us to evaluate ourselves as leaders and ask ourselves if the way we treat our staff is how we want them to show up for our customers? It’s powerful and a bit uncomfortable, to be honest.

Yet, in the depths of our discomfort lies growth.

Cheryl is the founder and CEO of reCalibrate LLC, where she helps leaders unlock their teams’ potential so that they can achieve 99th percentile performance - just like her hospital achieved year over year. Cheryl has a passion for helping leaders build healthy organizations.

​​What you permit, you promote.

What really struck me about this conversation? How important the simple things are. Being a leader is such a big responsibility. It’s easy to fall into bad behavior patterns. Maybe you cut someone off, lose your cool, succumb to anxiety, lash out, become too brief, inflate urgency, or give vague taskings. This kind of behavior catches like wildfire. As Cheryl says, “what you permit, you promote”. Great leaders lead great teams in great customer experiences.

Grab your note-taking gear and listen up - Cheryl shares her short and long game for improving customer connection.

Explore the 7 Drives for Optimum Performance

​If you’d like to learn more about 99th percentile performance, you can start with the free resource she is providing to our listeners. It will help you dig deeper into today’s topic. In it, she outlines the 7 interrelated drivers required to lead your organization to optimum performance.

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