#8 Create Loyalists

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In this episode we talk about looking both inward and outward with Dev Patnaik. Dev is the CEO and Founder of Jump Associates and an advisor to senior leaders at fortune 500 companies. He authored the book Wired to Care and teaches Needfinding at Stanford University.

Dev knows his stuff.

What really struck me about this conversation? That striking up a conversation with your customer doesn’t need to be so hard and it doesn’t need to feel like a violation of boundaries. Join them in the moment they just had - a recent or unusual purchase. Be interested and authentic. Connect. Our customers may be unforgiving about disingenuous marketing but they will fall head over heels for authentic, purpose-driven, empathetic outreach.

My favorite quote of the day was when Dev said:

People aren’t just buying things anymore. They’re buying INTO things.

Ain’t that the truth?

Grab your note-taking gear and listen up - Dev makes a case for authenticity, empathy budgets, and purpose-driven companies that will turn your customers into loyalists.

Activity: Brand Purpose

I know how hard it is to get clear on something so abstract as Purpose, so we're giving away another piece of The Brand Lab. Here is the series of exercises that we use to help our clients clarify their purpose. Enjoy!

Part 1 - Purpose Section
Download PDF • 93KB

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