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The Jumpstart 🪂

Designed for teams of 3-8 people.

  • 45 minutes
  • Online

Service Description

The Jumpstart is a mini workshop for teams that will organize your thinking so that you’re clear on … > What is going well > What is slowing you down > What you can do right now to create momentum, energize your team, and reduce overwhelm and frustration It’s fun. It’s easy. It gets your team on the same page. This workshop is designed for teams. Ideally 3-6 people on your team will be present, though I have done it with fewer participants. Here's the catch: If you book this call, please honor our time and yours by showing up ready to rock. We get excited to serve you, prep materials in advance, and bring our A game. It's a lot of energy and our gift to you. No-shows are the biggest bummer!