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From Idea to Action, 1 Year Later

Kick the can
Don't kick another can down the road. Pick it up and cash it in!

"The best idea is worthless without execution." James Clear

From Idea to Action

ACTION is everything! Follow-through is KING. This month marks one year for our ActionPlanner membership. The idea started in December of 2021 with this post:

Our idea started with a post on social media

By April, I was running a free pilot program to test out how the sessions would run, the materials I would offer, how I would track performance, and the value it added to members. By June, we were wrapping up the pilot program and opening to paid members. I had a sales page built, email marketing prepped, and I didn't hesitate to send.

I am so damn proud of how it all unfolded and how it continues to create massive value for my members. I am proud that I didn't give up or lose sight. I went from idea to action, unperturbed by the speed bumps and curves along the way.

Here's to having an idea and then MAKING IT HAPPEN!🍻

Happy ActionPlanner Anniversary Month!



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