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Team Participation
Structured Process
Real Progress
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Create marketing that matters with a thorough brand strategy.

You started this business with a passion and fire inside of you. You knew exactly what you wanted to do and how you were going to do it and now you feel a bit lost and confused. You feel like your audience isn’t hearing you. You know you can change lives, and while you’ve transformed many, you’ve hit a ceiling and just can’t figure out how to expand. 

We feel unclear in our vision forward. 

We attract the wrong kind of clients.

We are constantly reacting - putting out fires and doing damage control.

We just aren’t sure where to go from here.

We are trying to keep up in the day to day grind.

We have changed so much since we first started that it’s time for a total refresh.

Our website and marketing is stale.

We can’t get traction to increase sales.

Our offers are wildly different from each other.

These are all signs that you are underselling, barely connecting, and working too hard.

Football Fans

about what comes next!

Soooo much more is possible.

Just imagine ...

You begin your day calm, yet excited about what the day will bring. You and your team have a clear vision of the way ahead and you have your best fit clients knocking on your door. When your head hits the pillow at the end of the night, all you can think is, “Wow. Everything is running smoothly.” 

Our entire team is on the same page, working toward the same goal.

We attract our best-fit clients

I feel confident in myself, my team. We can deliver on promises made to my clients. 

The quality of our products and services has improved.

Our marketing is super clear and magnetic.

I feel calm and excited about starting my day.

Our customer satisfaction is higher than ever.

Making major decisions is easier than ever. 

Fire drills are a thing of the past because we are so proactive and aligned. 

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What to Expect

To have a lasting impact, your business needs to be bigger than you and what you’re selling. It needs a long-term vision, strong sense of self, and a story that moves your audience (and team) to action.

We’ve taken a wide variety of research-backed best practices and boiled them down into an easily digestible, simple process that produces a truly concrete way ahead. Let's kick your weak brand to the curb!

Structured Process

Each week the team tackles the pre-work and then comes together for a 1-hour decision workshop.

Team Participation

3-8 teammates form the working group. These are your key players and implementors who share your vision and are passionate about creating change.

Real Progress

Your decisions get written in stone and we determine the step by step implementation plan to bring them to life.

12 Sessions to Awesome

This is the most intentional, creative, exploratory, and organic quarter your business has ever had to set your vision up for the future!

Who and why we are.

State of the Union

We take stock of what you really want for the future and the challenges you’ll need to overcome to get there. This clears the fog you’ve been working under.

The Long Game

We clearly mark True North with a vision of what you hope to achieve, so that you can select the best route and assign the necessary resources. The route, or strategy, might change but the vision holds true. 

Worth the Fight

If you follow your “why” then others will follow you. We dig deep into the company's purpose and values. These anchor points inspire the kind of loyalty that helps your fans forgive your weaknesses, sing your praises, and wave your flag.

The Game Plan

We outline what your company would have to do consistently and excellently to make your vision a reality. That’s the mission.

Where we are and who matters.

Deeply SEE Your Customer

People don’t buy from you because they understand you. They buy from you because YOU understand THEM. We drop into the mind of your soulmate client to understand what happens for them along the entire journey toward purchase. 

A Perfect Spot in the Market

The trick is to help the right customers find your business, so that you are doing your most satisfying work and your customers are pleased with the exchange. To do that, we evaluate your top 3 revenue lines.

Know the Competition

Get humble and assess your competitors to learn from their achievements and failures, uncover gaps in the market, and sell more effectively.

How we show up in the world.

The Boilerplate

Write an information-packed paragraph that fosters brand recognition and awareness. This standardized copy caps event descriptions, news articles, blog posts, etc.

Magnetic Messaging

The most persuasive brand messaging is concise, compelling, cohesive, and consistent. No matter how many people are on your marketing team, or where your words end up, your customers should always feel like they’re talking to you.

Your Story

Craft your brand voice and weave together elements of the past, the present, and the future into a story that commands emotion. 

What happens next?

Internal Alignment

How can we feel more like us? What needs to change internally to keep us in sync.

External Alignment

How can we look and sound more like us? What needs to change about our styling and messaging? 


You're in good hands.


We bring out the best in our clients. You may think that you are too disorganized, fragmented, or not creative enough. You are wrong. You have everything you need inside of you. Our job is to help your team take action, find the words, and make decisions.


We use research-backed best practices. If you really wanted to, you could dig them up and DIY. We boiled down hours upon hours of research into an easily digestible, simple process that produces a truly concrete way ahead. 

Linsey and her great team led my partners and I through an amazing brand discovery process. I had never thought in terms of a process for discovery, yet I was surprised at how effective it was in helping us elicit and define our true brand. 

If you are embarking on your own brand journey, I can highly recommend [Waymaker] as the Sherpas to lead you there. My advice, be patient and stick with the programs, it works!

It's really cool tying together all of the elements … It's difficult to identify impactful and material objectives for the organization [so this was] really useful!

While I was skeptical at first, Linsey and her team guided us step-by-step thorough a series of online exercises and interactions, motivating us to put serious thought in this important component of our business. Most important, in the end, we were successful in understanding and defining our brand, and we designed a cool logo to boot!

Was very helpful in getting everyone together to decide on "what is our core business?"

It clarified my thinking about our business. 

Very thought provoking and well organized. Encouraged free thinking and helped me to focus

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What You Get


Together we solidify the foundation of your company so that you can grow and expand in new ways. We provide the way, the accountability, and hold space for your team. You bring the burning desire, the passion, and the expertise.


A done-with-you,

12-week structured program