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A No-Fluff Weekly Plan for Solopreneurs


You'll want this if you find yourself ...


🏀 bouncing from tab to tab, tackling tasks as you see them.

🐝 busy but not making solid progress on your business goals.


It is super stressful to work overtime but not feel like it was worth much (AND TOTALLY COMMON for business owners). Staying sane and owning a business takes next-level leadership and focused action.

This printable was borne in the throws of COVID woes. Think of it as triage planning. It’s job is to keep you focused on high impact work during the work week, which is why it’s on paper and not on a screen full of distractions. When your brain tries to squirrel - look at the sheet. When you get overwhelmed - ask the sheet what is next.

Ready to get it done with balance and ease?


  • 3 Top Priorities for the Week

  • 4 daily tasks during the work week

  • 10 Habits to track

  • Notes section



  • Uncluttered

  • Minimalist

  • Undated

  • Perfect for a clipboard!


Our weekly spread has space to ...

  • Define weekly priorities

  • Assign tasks to a day of the week

  • Track habits that move the needle for you

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