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4 Signs That You Need More Than a Planner

In this short video, our co-founder Linsey Shelton, covers these signs:

😱 You show up for others but not yourself

😱 You're exhausted and want someone else to take the lead

😱 You've tried planning but you can't seem to be consistent

😱 Planning just doesn't "come naturally" to you


Business owners have grit and tenacity. We are resourceful and creative.

We’re also stubborn and independent to a fault. 😱

If you find that you do not make time to plan your week or you regularly miss your weekly priorities, then it’s time to get support. This is not a weakness. It’s LEADERSHIP.

What To Do About It

If "just doing it" isn't working, then it's time to shake it up by embracing community.

Research shows that having a specific accountability appointment with someone you've committed to is, hands down, the best way to reach a goal.

Accountability works!

Option #1 - DIY Accountability Sessions

It can be as simple as buddying up with a friend or colleague or as complicated as holding a regular staff meeting. Here are the keys to a successful DIY Accountability Partnership:

👉 Find a Buddy

Find someone you would show up for (ie. someone you won't avoid) who has the same general goal. Be specific with your request. You might say something, "I am looking for someone who is interested in planning their week for a half hour on Friday mornings during the month of November."

👉 Determine the Rules of Engagement

Maybe you want someone to guide the session. Maybe you just want to work silently alongside another person. Think about what a safe partnership will look and feel like.

👉 Commit to a Date

The trick is to set a recurring, appointment in stone and have an agenda for the time.

👉 Keep It Simple

It's important to keep it as SIMPLE as possible. Focus on finding someone to work with, make it a 30-day engagement (lower pressure), and get the time on your calendar. The agenda and tinkering with the process will evolve over time. Just start somewhere.

Stay tuned for an article we're writing on how we run our guided planning sessions. You can model your own agenda around our process.

The downside to DIY is that it's another project to follow through on. If you're already struggling to manage projects, this might not rank high enough on your list of priorities for it to see the light of day.

Option #2 - Join an Existing Co-working Group

The easiest option is to let someone else lead, at least for a while. Without regular planning, it is amazing how many things pile up and it can be super overwhelming to dig yourself out of that pile of work. There are 2 kinds of co-working groups that you may find helpful.

  1. Self-Guided - show up with your own agenda and work alongside others who are doing their own thing too. You can work on anything you want during these sessions and there are often tons of times available. They are a great option if you have a specific planning routine that you want to execute.

  2. Facilitated - show up and follow an agenda alongside others. Follow a specific agenda designed to create 360 vigilance on your work. These groups create immediate relief for non-planners.

Waymaker hosts a guided ActionPlanner session on Friday mornings. It is an efficiently structured co-working session designed so that business owners can "get it together" in the span of an hour. We track your top 3 priorities each week, month, and quarter so that they stay top of mind.

Option #3 - Hire a Productivity Coach

If you have some deep seated self sabotage happening around project completion and follow through, a 1:1 productivity coach could be incredibly beneficial for you. Here are two to consider:

We recently met Kathy Muzik. She has a deep expertise in this area. Her Accountability Advantage Program might be perfect for you. She meets with you 30-minutes a week to keep you laser focused. The cost is $297 per month.

Each week you walk through a specific weekly ritual with one of their coaches. It takes about 20 minutes and is designed to focus entrepreneurs on high leverage work. The cost is $400 a month.

Pop Quiz! Which option feels good to you?

If you find yourself setting lofty goals but never find the time to reach them, join the club. You are not alone.

Just start somewhere!


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