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BrandPlanner for Solopreneurs
  • BrandPlanner for Solopreneurs

    Together we solidify the foundation of your company so that you can grow and expand in new ways. We provide the way, the accountability, and hold space for your biggest dreams. You bring the burning desire, the passion, and the expertise.


    What You Get

    1. A done-with-you, 12-week structured program with 3 other entrepreneurs
    2. An easy-to-use handbook detailing your authentic, relatable brand
    3. A concrete playbook for putting your brand into action


    What to Expect

    1. We meet exery week, except the last week of the month
    2. You will complete about 1 hour of pre-work before each session
    3. Weekly workshops are 90 minutes
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement

      Any materials provided to you are for the purpose of this engagement and should not be reproduced or redistributed.

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