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Linsey is the fun, high energy speaker that keeps your audience leaning in. 

Stuff Linsey Talks About

Casting a Big Vision

Why your business needs to be bigger than you and what you’re selling and HOW a concrete brand strategy makes  it waaaay easier to create amazeballs marketing for your ideal client. 

Loving Competition

How to set yourself apart from the competition by profiling them and then clarify your marketing so that it calls to your favorite human. 

Thinking Like Your Client

How to methodically walk through your customer's experience so that you know what to say and when to say it.

Planning Like a Boss

Why regular planning can be a balm to your procrastinating heart and how to create a planning ritual that you'll actually do.


"People were super engaged and the feedback I received was that it was valuable."

-Carmel Lecker, eWomenNetwork Victoria


 "We loved the way we were able to interact with your slides, it provided us with such an enriching experience ..."

- Mary Chan, Organized Sound Productions

"Linsey has never wasted my time. Ever. It's always worth it. "

- Emma Fulenwider, the Lifestorian

"[Linsey showed me] how simple it can be to set a goal and then break it down into steps that don't overwhelm!"

- Annie Dot, HeyAnnieDot

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Linsey Shelton is a brand strategist that keeps your eyes on the prize. Linsey started as a website designer and copywriter and knew there just had to be a more straightforward way to create content that connects. She co-founded Waymaker in 2021 with Angel Moreland to inspire entrepreneurs to dream wildly and then GO DO THAT.  


Linsey Shelton is a brand strategist for seasoned entrepreneurs who want to create magnetic content and loyal customers. 

Linsey created Waymaker with her co-pilot Angel Moreland in 2021. Their signature program, BrandPlanner lets you create a brand that matters. Their planning membership ensures you make time to realize the vision - it’s a swift karate kick to the rear that gets you to plan like a Boss in no time. 

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