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It's back! Our Highest Rated Workshop

Yes, there are still great workshops that are free AND led by actual live humans.

We finally have another workshop scheduled! Woo! So if you missed the last one, join us for another fun-filled, mind-bending adventure into your business. We'll pinpoint your most valuable offer and then find 6 ways to improve your sales language. We know that delivering great products is the easy part, but the tricky part is deciding which to focus on and how to market to your favorite client. Does your passion and desire to serve result in too many different offers and none that have great clients knocking on our door? That's exactly what our free HANDS ON workshop helps with and you shouldn't miss it. When we ran this workshop in September, EVERY SINGLE attendee said they found 6 ways to improve their marketing. So, I can say with complete certainty that you will takeaway AT LEAST 6 ways to improve your marketing that are specific to YOUR business (not my 6 useless tips ... these are 6 ways that matter to your top offer and your favorite clients). Check it out.



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